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Transforming how data moves

Why the need for change?

Because global demand on bandwidth is outpacing supply.

The exploding growth of smart devices, new application requirements, the increased use of the Internet, and the adoption of public cloud services are driving demand for more and more bandwidth.

This expansion will continue for years.

NxGen’s Connectivity Solutions

Move Data Up to 7 Times Faster


 ISP hardware/ software

ISP hardware/ software

A proprietary ISP hardware/ software install at the Inter-connect providers’ data center and on multiple versions of customer premise equipment which facilitates up to 500% increase in voice and data traffic over the customer’s existing bandwidth.

Cloud Hosted

Cloud Hosted

Installed at Cloud hosting data centers and delivered as a Cloud service, globally.  NxPath-SD® enabled routers are offered to customers in any given market to purchase and plug in on a DIY (do-it-yourself) basis.



A proprietary hardware installation on a customer’s data backbone; capable of achieving up to 20 times the data throughput on existing internet connections. NxAccelerator® solves inherent issues with TCP communication and latency issues on Cloud Services.


The NxWave Smart Phone Case

The NxWave Smart Phone Case

NxGen Communications is proud to be the exclusive global marketing and distribution partner of The WavCatcher technology for wireless accessory devices.

NxWave Cases are non-powered solutions that give your smartphone better battery life, faster data speeds and greater signal coverages.NxWave Case signal technology improves your phone’s signal searching efficiency by passively expanding its signal reach. The result is less power drawn from your phone’s battery which give your phone more resources to utilize for other tasks.

NxGen Delivers Solutions

  • We deliver cost-effective optimization and connectivity solutions to solve existing bandwidth issues
  • More than 8 years in business and over 40,000 installed and tested customers around the globe
  • Our overlay optimized bandwidth solutions focus on the “edge” of the existing networks
  • Proprietary software installed on commercially available networking technology
  • We provide an SD-WAN solution either self-managed or outsourced to NxGen
  • We partner with existing ISPs and customer sites.
  • Next: Integration of our solution for deployment into the Iot/IIoT
NxGen Communications provides efficient and cost-effective bandwidth optimization and connectivity products and services, helping to solve the imminent issues regarding bandwidth inefficiency and the worldwide issues of bandwidth scarcity. NxGen Communications is a majority owned affiliate of NxGen Global with offices in the USA, Canada, and Brazil.

Product Evolution

So why do we have so many boxes?

  • H/W manufacturers built boxes to solve different issues: border controllers, IP handshaking, etc.

Thus was born NxPath

  • Addresses many interface issues and management of all these different network pipes
  • Optimizes even before any outage or problem is reported

However ISPs and Telco’s saw it as counter productive to selling more bandwidth

  • Thus was born NxPath SD-WAN : With more than 40,000 end points later . . .

New concerns:  Management of International Voice Traffic over backbone given latency of Cloud Based apps

NxAccelerator: Released in early 2017 to deal with the inherent issues of TCP communication

Results: Game changer for International backbone traffic and providers of VPN, peered network providers and customers of large volume traffic particularly in the realm of voice and media.

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